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Our First Vacation Semirang water fall Ungaran

Hello all, we just wanna share about the beautiful place that we can find near of semarang, we have visited there in november ago,  Our first vacation has visited once of beautiful water fall of Ungaran, here is Semirang water fall Ungaran, its located in Gogik village of ungaran, Semarang central java Indonesia, its about 5 kilometers far from ungaran and about 25 Km far from semarang. There some beautiful views that we can find, such us water fall, a tropic forest with any kinds of tress.
we can reach semirang water fall by Ungaran turn to ungaran mountain its about 5 Km goes to Gogik Village, there some vehicle parking over there and we can continue by foot walking and so climbing the mountain.  It has about 45 meter high and it abot 1-2 Km foot walking by the Gogik Village.
the water over there always in cool condition and its often gets rainy in there.
for the retribution every single just pay Rp 5000 and there also has many poss view just or take a rest
its a really need more energy to reach the top off that place, but its so exiting because we can find any kind of tress and so beautiful view.
We recommended to you all to visit there and fell once the greatest water fall of Ungaran